DAY 34 OF LOCKDOWN – A4 Art Museum, Chengdu, China

60 DAYS OF LOCKDOWN – A4 Art Museum, Chengdu, China

The „Circle of Influence“ performance which was created by the You open a box collective has been invited to the A4 Museum’s showcase program.

A project by: Gin Bahc, Claudia Barcheri, Hannah Cooke, Immo Eyser, Pablo Garretón, HyunJin Kim, Philipp Lange, Dominik Rinnhofer, Jakub Šimčik, Katinka Theis, Lukas Zerbst

The artists of “You Open a Box” created a spatial drawing of seven circles, the sizes of which were based on the social distancing recommendations of the health authorities during the national quarantine in Paris. The performance circumvents the ban on assembly, and at the same time makes the forced social distancing visible. The shared experience of being thrown back into one’s own sphere and the need for space, movement, friction, confrontation, and self-empowerment are the motivations for the performance.