Katinka Theis is a German artist. Born in 1975, she preferably makes objects, site-specific installations and art in public space. Since graduating at the Alanus University of Art and Society Bonn in 2000, she lives and works in Berlin. She received a Master’s degree in „Space Strategies“ at the Art Academy Berlin-Weißensee in 2009. Ever since her work has been showcased nationally and internationally in numerous exhibitions and public spaces. Since 2014 she is a faculty member of Cultural Studies at the University of Witten-Herdecke.

In her work Katinka Theis investigates the effect of architectural spaces. Doing so, she traces the power relations that express themselves through monumental structures in urban planning situations and oversized landscapes. Objects and installations are thematically located at the intersection of sculpture and architecture. They can also represent sculptural work as well as visionary architectural models that refer to a form-shaping, higher level. Her site-specific installations are developed from the spatial reference in the respective situation. The formal, space-defining characteristics of each surrounding space play just as large a role as the atmospheric effect of the particular situation.