For her show at Scotty Enterprises Katinka Theis has created an installation that extends akin to the phenomenon of how sound spreads out in space, and that thus becomes space itself. Each element of the installation refers to monumental architecture and landforms and yet manifests itself into independent and abstract structures in space by relating to one another. Such as the formation recalling somewhat a mountain landscape does, when transforming into a honeycombed architecture consisting out of hundreds of rods; further anchored to the floor, thus shapes connect to the projection of a rotating disco ball. And, in turn, such object functions similar to a visual sound object by sending back sound in multiple directions. By doing so, sensual experience is being linked to crystalline sculpture and virtual image.
As well the rotating ball as the ground work consisting of many individual elements raise questions of perception that points to Theis central working theme. It is whether art can evoke a physical experience such as those inherent in landscapes and architecture. However, by processing through Theis particular spatial conditions a linear perception is denied and the structure of space as a whole is being repelled to itself.

Exhibitionview Resonating of space, 2016

Installation, wood and cardboard painted, video HD 3 min loop, Light for plants

120 × 230 × 620 cm