Computercollage, PVC-foil print
5,40 m x 3,70 m

Place: former building for further training of teachers, old market Potsdam

In collaboration with Regina Weiss

the work Palast der Moderne shows a big front banner, which was temporarily installed on a building that was built in the former DDR at the old market in Potsdam. Unlike the reality, in which the building is neglected and can be demolished, the Computercollage shows the building on the banner in a new and reconstructed condition. The memory map of the building accented the objectivity of the modern functional structure in the contrast to the development of the town. There is the focus the former appearance of the baroque time to be placed again.

The building complex was originally for education and further training of teachers in the DDR. Today it is a college for higher education at the old market in Potsdam. The city palace was until the end of the 1940s situated here. After the blasting of the baroque castle a reorganisation of the place was followed by a functionalist architecture with socialist principles.
After the reunification of east and west Germany, the ambition was for many years to reconstruct the historical city center. The political decision was to break up the socialist architecture and erect a new building with the facade in baroque style. The consequence was the deconstruction of all surrounding socialist architecture, like the building that was the former center for education.

The work „Palast der Moderne“ questions the handling of the traces of recent history concerning town construction. If architecture is a mirror of our society the negation of the socialist architecture shows how difficult avoiding the past of the DDR is. The Computercollage, which shows the former building for education in the reconstructed condition, accents the style of functional modern architecture and confronts the project of the reconstructed baroque facade. This relationship holds not only the question of developing a conception of history, but also the search for the identity of present society.