Postcard Edition
Digital Collages, Series 1-4

Documentation of distributing the postcards in Cağaloğlu, Eminönü and Sultanahmet, Istanbul

realized in the context of „public idea“ with associated exhibition in 5533

The postcard edition Looking for a Destination, consisting of a series of photo collages that
I created during my stay in Istanbul, was distributed to inhabitants of the city as a present.
Especially between salesmen in the streets the images triggered a communication process
producing a discussion about the internal and external perspectives on the city.

From the point of view of a foreigner, public space in Istanbul seems to consist of a network of communicative strategies that are only fragmentarily revealed to outsiders. The experience of being able to understand just a fraction of the existing societal rules and regulations, of being a tourist and remaining a tourist, influenced these photo collages of situational impressions and brought about the idea of returning the images into the public sphere.

Each motif, rising from a further exploration of urban space and made of several photographs,
is like a topography that combines spatial pattern, atmosphere and personal experience. All the images show situations with new correlations that have been changed by utopian imagination.
It seems as if the social situation subtly runs out of control.