OUTSIDE THE REAL or the trap of architecture, 2011

4-screen video installation, mini DV, loop
for Atopia, Oslo

digital collage

The video work OUTSIDE THE REAL or the trap of architecture questions what the hidden effect of architecture has on our living space and in which way it affect us.
Which behavior patterns are produced in limited living spaces? In which reality are we aranged if the physical basis does not correspond to our natural necessaries?
OUTSIDE THE REAL or the trap of architecture refers to the urban life as „life in a box “ that brings us from its construction into a local less reality. The feeling of existence takes place more in the local less world of conceptions than in the perception of the physical reality. The video projection of the predator cages in the context of a block of flats shows the impossibility to connect with the material area and not to be able to leave.
The imaginary perspective of turned and tilted areas makes a utopian situation visible, which the spatial conditions shift but cannot dissolve. Only a dreamlike condition gives the possibility to leave the area.